BESTography is here! A new series of campaigns using our new BEST Photo sharing site. We challenge participants to capture and post images related to the BEST program that satisfy the campaign criteria!

  • Anyone can participate in any or all campaigns.
  • Each campaign has unique criteria and is associated with a specific #hashtag.
Current campaigns…
Incision Decision 2023#ID2023Record photos related to this year’s industry theme.
Use the 2023 teaser video and bESTology to help you discover the theme.
Medical Technology#MEDTECHRecord photos of anything you find around you related to medical technology.

Continuing campaigns…
Finding BEST#FINDINGBESTBEST is everywhere! We see BEST all around us every day.
Record any/all occurrences of the word “BEST” throughout your lives. May it remind you that the BEST program touches everything you do.
Just Code It!#JUSTCODEITRecord photos of coding.
BEST in your Community#BESTCOMMUNITYRecord times of collaboration, comradery, working together, teamwork, community activities/relations.
Must be related to BEST activities.
Scan or Text 830-271-BEST (2378)

Submit your photos via mobile (SMS text message) or computer upload. Approved photos meeting the criteria are included in the photo rotation of the selected BESTography gallery and the submitter is added to the leaderboard.

Campaigns run continuously with no specific end-dates. However, we will check the leaderboard and may dish out rewards at random times.

*Campaign Leaderboards show the top participants (with the greatest number of approved posts).

You can continue to upload to any campaign so long as it is active on the BESTography page.  New campaigns will be introduced throughout the season.

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