It is an exciting time to be a part of BEST Robotics. But what does the future hold?

If there is any indication from the past, you can expect BEST to take further leaps in the next 30 years and yet still offer the basic educational opportunities and core principles that got it through the first 30 years.

We have watched BEST take the recent pandemic head-on and expand its activities into new areas vs. halting them. BEST is bigger than robotics and bigger than STEM. It is a philosophy of education, development and personal fulfillment; one that must always maintain these important attributes.

Inspiration and Motivation

  • provide a glimpse into many career opportunities including business, entrepreneurship, science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics
  • help students develop their creativity and passion


  • provide a low-cost multi-faceted educational opportunity for anyone

Skills Development

  • provide an opportunity to learn many new skills through direct application
  • satisfy industry’s needs and wants for the future workforce
  • always offer challenges that are connected to industry and relevant

Enjoyment and Satisfaction

  • provide an atmosphere that is fun and exciting but also challenging and rewarding

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