BEST Alumni – Call to Action

Did you enjoy your time on a BEST team? Was it a unique time in your education? What did being tasked with an overwhelming problem and then asked to solve that problem with, of all things, a robot that you must design, build and control, do for you? Did it point you in a future direction? Did it clarify paths for you? Did it show you a problem solving process? Did documenting and organizing it all for the BEST award help you? Did the BEST experience do any good for you at all?

If it did you can offer that experience to youth today. You can help them find their way. You can inspire their future and help BEST become even better. You can do all that simply by relating your time in BEST to the world. Later you may want to physically join in as a volunteer and enjoy the experience all over again.

By once being a BEST team member and now in a career, you have a unique perspective on the BEST process both for the student today and for the BEST organization. To continue, BEST must be relevant to today’s youth and how the experience relates to its own
purpose. It can only do that by knowing what works and what doesn’t. That information can only come from you. It all starts here. Share your time in BEST and share how it has carried you into your future.

Join the BEST Alumni Network and start paying it forward!

–Ted Mahler, BEST co-founder

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