Tell Us Your BEST Story

We want to know your BEST story!

Use the comment field below to share whatever you’d like about your involvement in the BEST program over the last 30 years. We know you have some great things to share and remember.

  • A memorable moment
  • How BEST has influenced your life
  • Why BEST is important to you
  • Your story on how you joined BEST Robotics
  • Anything else that you desire to share regarding BEST and your participation

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One thought on “Tell Us Your BEST Story

  1. I was first introduced to BEST Robotics by a colleague at Texas Instruments. He dropped by my cube in 1995 and said “You really have to come watch this video”. It was a VHS tape of some game day action…a wild gym full of robots, cheerleaders and screaming fans! He said, “This is a new program we’re starting here at TI and we need volunteers. How about you joining us?”. 28 years later, I am still here working hard to continue to make this the BEST program ever. Thank you Garth Connelly for introducing me to Ted and Steve’s Excellent Adventure.

    Greg Young
    Director of Operations
    BEST Robotics Inc.

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