BEST IQ Challenge

How well educated are you in science? physics? engineering? mathematics? mechanics?

The BEST IQ Challenge is a new national challenge for students, testing your skills and technical competencies in a variety of areas, all while challenging you to improve your coding skills. It is a unique challenge built our the MATLAB Cody platform from our national partner Mathworks.

Why participate?

  • Any BEST student can participate in the challenge
  • Wide challenge period giving you ample time to compete (11 weeks) – but don’t put it off!
  • Work at your own pace
  • Choose problems that you are comfortable with and challenge yourself with more difficult ones
  • The challenge helps prepare and improve your skills in the BEST Robotics competition
  • Make a name for yourself by climbing to the top of the BEST IQ National Leaderboard!
  • Receive national recognition awards and Mathworks swag!

…What’s your BEST IQ?

Challenge begins on September 10, 2022.

Review all rules and instructions in your Team Workflow

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