Hub Spotlight

All Hub Spotlight articles were written by BEST students. We are thrilled to see these students developing their journalism skills. Thank you for helping us celebrate BEST!

  • Falcon BEST
    Falcon BEST Robotics is located in the rural town of Bowling Green, Ohio. Bowling Green is located just south of Toledo in the northern part of the state. Falcon BEST services teams from all over the state of Ohio and generally have between 12 to 18 teams participate each year. They occasionally have requests from… Read more: Falcon BEST
  • Montgomery BEST
    Montgomery BEST is located in the capital city of Montgomery, Alabama. This thriving metropolis is located in the heart of Alabama and served as the backdrop to many of the nation’s most significant civil rights movements. Over the last 20 years, Montgomery BEST moved locations several times as it bounced among different universities who sponsored… Read more: Montgomery BEST
  • Capitol BEST
    The Capitol BEST hub was founded in 2001 by Greg Young, an electrical engineer currently with Advanced Micro Devices in Austin, Texas. This hub was formed to cover Travis and Williamson county regions, however they also accept schools from other Central Texas areas. Capitol BEST is entirely volunteer run. Generous sponsors like Best Buy, Texas… Read more: Capitol BEST
  • Dallas BEST
    Dallas Texas or “Big D” anchors the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States. Dallas is known for its competitive environment from professional sports leagues to Friday night football. Competitive sports are not the only activities sponsored by the UIL (University Interscholastic League) in Texas. UIL sponsors competitions for high schools in everything from… Read more: Dallas BEST
  • Georgia BEST
    Georgia BEST Robotics is based in Atlanta, Georgia. They service the greater Atlanta Metro Area and the surrounding suburbs. When Georgia BEST started in 2003, its founder, Glenn Allen, was a professor at Southern Polytechnic State University.  He got hooked on everything that was BEST and sought to bring the community together. Driven by Mr.… Read more: Georgia BEST
  • Kansas BEST
    Kansas BEST Robotics, which got its start in 1999, was founded by Larry Fruitinger and Bob Unschied. This hub is located in the Heartland of America, Wichita, Kansas. They organize competitions for teams all around the state. Before the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kansas BEST would host about 28 to 30 teams. Since then, their numbers have… Read more: Kansas BEST
  • Cowtown BEST
    Located at the end of the Chisholm Trail, Fort Worth, Texas is well known for its western heritage and its long association with the cattle trade. Fort Worth is also the home of the Cowtown BEST Robotics hub. Cowtown BEST has been sponsored by Lockheed Martin since its inaugural season of 2001. Hosting duties for… Read more: Cowtown BEST
  • Collin County (CoCo) BEST
    Collin County BEST Robotics, known locally as CoCo BEST, is a nonprofit organization based in McKinney, Texas.  Founded in 1995 by Ed Wheeler, Bruce Roever, Robert Begel, and Richard Phillips, among others, the hub’s mission is to inspire today’s students to study engineering, science, and technology.  CoCo BEST conducts fundraising, recruit teams, and hosts the… Read more: Collin County (CoCo) BEST
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