In 2005, igus became an in-kind donor of materials for the BEST Robotics kit. They have been donating their very unique plastic parts ever since. BEST is and has always been a big proponent of using actual industry tools and parts. Igus fit perfectly with this mentality as they support many existing industries with hundreds of unique parts; industries such as Marine, Automotive, Oil and Gas, Port and Terminal Cranes, RVs, Robotics and Automation, Machine Tools and 3D printing.

The products most useful in our BEST Robotics kits have been from the igubal self-aligning bearings, dryLin linear bearings & slides and the e-chain cable carriers product lines. igus has many other parts and we have since enjoyed opportunities to utilize some of their products in our field designs as well. The original products donated by igus (and still used today) for each and every team kit included:

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