Industry Connections

BEST Robotics is proud to provide an experience for students that is relevant to current industry. A big part of our game development is promoting an industry theme. This opens the door to some incredible educational opportunities for the students as they research and learn about the industry, the needs of that industry and how their innovations can help solve problems or improve the selected industry.

The 1997 Dynamite Duel game was the first to implement a “Game Story”. Every BEST competition thereafter had some connection to an industry or educational theme. Here’s the run down of those themes over the last 30 years.

YearGame TitleIndustry/Educational Theme
1993PVC InsanityNone
1994Bumble RumbleNone
1995TOTALly AweSumNone
1996Block N LoadNone
1997Dynamite DuelExplosives Recovery/Disposal
1998Toxic TroublesToxic Waste Disposal
1999Rocket Race: The Alien EscapeSpace Transpot
2000Pandemonium in the SmithsonianFire Rescue & Recovery
2001RAD to the CORENuclear Reactors
2002Warp X10th Anniversary (Black Holes)
2003Transfusion ConfusionMedical Nano-robotics
2004BEST FeverDNA Repair
2005Mission to HubbleHubble Telescope Repair
2006Laundry QuandaryHousehold Robots
20072021 – a Robot OdysseyMars Colonization
2008Just Plane CrazyAirplane Manufacturing
2009High OctaneChemical Engineering
2010Total RecallSix Sigma Production Quality
2011BUGS!Genetic Engineering
2012WARP XX20th Anniversary (Space Elevator)
2013GatekeeperLogic Design/Semiconductors
2014BladerunnerWind Turbines: Logistics & Construction
2015PayDirtMining and Economics
2016Bet the FarmFarming Automation
2017CrossfireFirefighting, Search & Rescue
2018Current EventsOcean Clean Up
2019Off The GridNational Power Grid
2020OutbreakPandemic, MicroRobotics
2022Made 2 OrderOrder Fulfillment Automation

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