Welcome Letters

Hello Hub Leadership

Welcome to the 2022 Prototype Weekend.  Aside from our work to finalize the 2022 game, Made 2 Order, I hope each of you takes the opportunity to meet all the board members and all the other hub members at the event this weekend.  I also want to remind everyone to attend our open board meeting Saturday afternoon, where we have several special guest speakers to present the past, the present, and the future.  Finally, I hope you can stay for our 30th Celebration Saturday evening.  I am excited to see everyone again and look forward to another successful BEST season, with many more to come!

Paul J Lutes, PE
President BEST Robotics Inc.

Hello BEST Hub Leadership

It took 30 years to develop a program that engages the most sophisticated generation we have ever seen. No software, engineering, or task is in their way, and yes, they come with the potential of creativity and talent like we have never seen before. They are waiting to be put into valuable skills for the industry and entrepreneurship of the future.

We get together at Prototype weekend and create the BEST program for this and them, year after year.

I want to welcome you to the 30th Prototype weekend on behalf of BEST Robotics leadership and the Board of Directors.

Allow me to thank those who made this special celebration of our milestone shape into reality. Stephen Tsukuda, Greg Young, and others have worked tirelessly. Thank you to Texas Instruments for hosting us where BEST incubated and continues to make us feel at home and for being our founding sponsor.

Lastly, there is no BEST nor acceleration of creativity and talent without you, the volunteers, and mentors for your dedication to this program and organization. The students, as well as myself, are inspired by you. Thank You, and let’s get ready for Made 2 Order and our 30th Anniversary Prototype Game Weekend.

Respectfully Yours,

Michael Steiner

Executive Director

BEST Robotics Inc.

Hello Hub Directors and Leadership,

I am so excited to be able to meet once again in person after two years of doing it virtually. I hope you will gain a lot from this weekend, both in information and fun. The Game Committee and I have worked hard to ensure that this year’s game will be a success. I am thankful for Ted and Steve’s vision and the originality they have brought to this since they started the organization 30 years ago. I hope you all have come prepared to work and get ready to produce Made 2 Order and enjoy our 30th Anniversary activities. If you need me for anything ever, please do not hesitate to contact me. Welcome to Dallas, and enjoy.

Greg Young

Director of Operations

BEST Robotics Inc.

Hello Fellow Hub Directors, 

Welcome to Dallas and our 30th Anniversary Celebration. I hope you will enjoy yourselves. Made 2 Order and our 30th Anniversary as an organization is massive for a STEM and Workforce Development organization. We must continue to push forward, and I do not doubt that we will continue to do so. 

As you travel back to your respective areas where you serve your hubs, please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help or advice.  Safe travels, and I hope to see you all again real soon. 

Stephen L. Tsukuda 

Wiregrass BEST Hub Director 

BEST Robotics 30th Anniversary Coordinator

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